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Shrike is as fully approved hard wire exploder which is currently in service with more than 44 countries worldwide. From the artic to the tropics it has proven itself as a safe, reliable and cost effective system for the initiation of explosives, mines, pyrotechnics and other explosive devices (EED). The Initiator Kit is a lightweight and compact system which Read More

MShrike was designed to provide users with a lightweight, single output, electronic exploder based on the proven "Shrike" technology. MShrike is a single channel exploder, operable by one hand, thus leaving the user with a hand free capability. Size: 151mm x 58mm x 46mm Unit Weight: 240g Case Material: NORYL SE100 Finish(as standard): Non-reflective Drab Olive Output Connections Read More

Single line for search and disposal when weight and compact size is vital. Complete kit with all accessories, housed in specially designed black rucksack. Wall stopper Small x 1 Wall stopper Large x 1 Self Grip Pliers with eye x 1 Set of tools in roll up bag x 1 Backpack for hook and line Read More

The Alpha vehicle entry kit offers a range of accessory hook and line tools which speed the entry into vehicles. Main Body: Light weight, high strength aluminium Mechanism: Hardened stainless steel. Spring: High tensile spring steel. Breaker point: 0.25K Diamond. Suction pad: Aluminium/rubber/plastic. Weight and dimensions: 1.2kg 150mm x 150mm x 190mm. Breaking specification: Toughened glass. Attachment: 150mm Read More


Check out MiRTLE the latest in Concealed Threat Detection and Xcat Handheld Detector for Explosives and Contraband Learn more


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