Handheld Metal Detectors

The Cloverleaf EB610C hand held metal detector operates on the EB damping system. The search head generates an alternating electromagnetic field, which is influenced by metal objects. These changes modify the oscillation amplitude in the detector electronics, which are converted into an audio and visual alarm signal. Power Supply 9v PP3 dry battery or Re-chargeable Operation Time Dry battery – approx 35 hours Read More

EBINGER hand-held detectors have become well known in the field of internal security. They have proven their worth and reliability time and time again in tough large-scale operations such as in airports and prisons. Already the EB 607, now a classic, featured leading technology and was copied many times. Operation time approx. 35 h with 9V PP3 battery, alkaline10 - 15 h Read More

The hand-held SC 61 is the result of a design study where technical and operational requirements were analysed together. The construction ensures comfortable handling with little fatigue. The search head allows a thorough inspection of large areas. Persons can be checked up fast and efficiently. The SC 61 operates on the damping system: the search Read More


Check out MiRTLE the latest in Concealed Threat Detection and Xcat Handheld Detector for Explosives and Contraband Learn more


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