Mine & Metal Detection

EBINGER metal detectors are synonymous with efficiency, reliability and quality in the field of police work and security. To overcome the various search problems this versatile and flexible device has been developed, permitting the use of many combinations for a range of applications. For example, it is possible to use as a hand-held detector with a search coil or cylindrical probe, or as Read More

The EB 607 hand-held metal detector has proved its worth in all parts of the world thousands of times over. Its particularly robust design and metal structure gives it even today an unsurpassed level of reliability, whether in large-scale or long-term usage. If required, the unit can be supplied with a cylinder-type detector, allowing very small metal objects to Read More

The Cloverleaf EB610C hand held metal detector operates on the EB damping system. The search head generates an alternating electromagnetic field, which is influenced by metal objects. These changes modify the oscillation amplitude in the detector electronics, which are converted into an audio and visual alarm signal. Power Supply 9v PP3 dry battery or Re-chargeable Operation Time Dry battery – approx 35 hours Read More

EBINGER hand-held detectors have become well known in the field of internal security. They have proven their worth and reliability time and time again in tough large-scale operations such as in airports and prisons. Already the EB 607, now a classic, featured leading technology and was copied many times. Operation time approx. 35 h with 9V PP3 battery, alkaline10 - 15 h Read More

Multizone Metal Detecting Archway International norms (NILECJ-0601 L1-5/IP53/IEC 348/EN60950 Class1, in CE certified) Multizone- Min. 9 real detection zones Auto calibration Compact design Human friendly walk-through metal detector with VLFtechnology Green/red bicolor traffic through LEDs Light indicators at side panels and control panel 10 sensitivity levels, 246 adjustable steps at each, applicable to all zones separately Read More

The SC 900 TS-WP is a gate-designed metal detector and corresponds to international standards (NILECJ-0601 L1-3/IP 55/348 Class 1 in accordance with CE; certifi ed manufacture in accordance with ISO 9001-2000). It offers a high detection performance: its VLF (very low frequency) technology is reliable at detecting metals and alloys. Operation and handling are particularly Read More

Large Loop Technology is a trend setting development in the field of battle area clearance and EOD. It is introduced into humanitarian and commercial battle area clearance in UK, Afghanistan, Kosovo, Vietnam, Cambodia, France, Angola and Laos where large areas have to be inspected and cleared of munitions in short time. UPEX® 740 M is as easy to use as a Read More

The SDS Group specialises in providing best of breed in digital, portable x-ray equipment used for security and explosive ordinance detection. Compact, digital portable x-ray systems allow security and search personnel to remotely investigate suspect packages and articles. Digital, portable x-ray systems are used in a wide range of applications, including: Explosive Ordinance Disposal Drug Read More

The new UPEX® 745 P2I system offers substantial advantages in subsurface search due to its flexibility and the wide choice of transmitter and receiver components. The UPEX® 745 P2I can be optimized for different tasks and operations. It suits for standard on surface usage as well as for borehole inspection. Due to an improved decoupling from the inspected medium the typical Read More

Latest PDA technology for Data recording in Mine Action. Rugged PDA-type data logger meeting MIL Spec 810F Available in numerous languages Easy to use – level for basic user or advanced users IMSMA supporting, GPS-compatible (NMEA 0183 protocol) Mobile Bluetooth-technology-based PDA data recording system for various sensor types with one to six recording channels. Data Read More


Check out MiRTLE the latest in Concealed Threat Detection and Xcat Handheld Detector for Explosives and Contraband Learn more


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