Underwater Metal Detection

An important aspect of underwater metal detection is being able to tell the difference between large and small objects. The UWM 40 Underwater Metal Detector was developed to give divers. treasure hunters and salvage crews this ability. How does it do it? The UWM-40 generates audio signals that change according to object size, allowing the Read More

As a fully-fledged UW metal detector in industrial quality the UWM 30 captivates with its good detection range and its compact, handy design. It detects all metals. For determining the area of application: objects, small or large, which can be recovered with basic tools. The limit of the detection range depends on the size and Read More

The UWM 20 with its circular search head adds to the range of SECON underwater metal detectors a particularly cost-favourable, easy to use and precise PI detector. It is intended for use in the hobby sector and also in professional fields of application. The UWM 20 is based on technical features of EBINGER detectors that Read More

Essential technical features of the detector are based on the well proven Ebinger technology which is applied in metal detectors used in humanitarian mine action worldwide. The underwater pinpoint metal detector enhances the SECON range of underwater metal detectors by an inexpensive and easy to use device. It detects all types of metals. The detection Read More

The UWEX® 722 C is a highly sensitive metal search instrument for underwater and normal land use. It is pressure tested up to 100 m water depth. Saltwater will not cause any interference to the function of the device. It can be used in short or long version according to the jobs. The UWEX® 722 C works by means Read More

The MAGNEX® 130 B underwater magnetometer is used for the location of magnetic anomalies in the earth's magnetic fi eld as caused by ferrous metal objects that are hidden underground or in the seabed. In comparison with other UW magnetometers on the market, the MAGNEX® 130 B captivates with its low weight, robustness and simple Read More

The UWEX® 725 K is a consequent further development of the well-proven UWEX® 722 land & underwater metal detector. Improved detection performance and a wide auto-adaptation to interfering metal components characterise the new 725 design. The electronic design is based on the thousand fold proven EBEX® 420 PB mine detector in service with the British Army. The UWEX® 725 K is Read More


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