Atlas 400 Exploder

Atlas 400 ExploderThese exploders are fitted with one or two firing outputs, depending on the model.

They are very easy to use, very safe, and all feature a built-in line continuity test.

The exploders ATLAS 200 – 400 – 700 are powered by a rechargeable NiMH battery. A bicolour led indicates continuously the charge level of the battery.

They are integrated in an aluminium sturdy and compact box, equipped with a flat polyester control panel. The firing lines are connected on safety sockets which prevent that the user can be in contact with dangerous voltage.

A single socket is used to charge the battery and also to connect the safety key which puts the device into operation.

Technical Specification

Housing Aluminium IP65
Dimensions 150 x 108 x 42 mm
Weight Approx. 750 g
Power supply Integrated NIMH battery
Line continuity test Integrated
Security levels All listed above
Firing line 2
Charging voltage 380 V mini
Stored energy 14 J approx
Charging time 5 s
Capacity of battery approx. 400 firings at 20°C
Shunt on outputs Internal shunt

The ATLAS 200 – 400 – 700 feature many security levels :

  • safety key
  • shunt on the firing output
  • battery voltage monitoring
  • automatic discharge of the capacitors when the charge button is released
  • permanent measurement of the capacitors voltage
  • to fire, 2 buttons must be pressed simultaneously
  • firing is allowed only when the capacitors are fully charged
  • safety plugs
  • monitoring by micro-controller
  • self-test of the control panel lights

These devices are supplied with battery charger 220 V and a transport bag.


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