BlazeX Digital Flat Panel Portable X-ray System

BlazeX Digital Flat Panel Portable X-ray System

  • Fastest & Safest: One approach downrange
  • True Flat Panel: Thin robust imager, large area
  • Highly Mobile: Ruggedized case or backpack
  • Highest Image Quality: 14bit dynamic range BlazeX Panel only 1” thick
  • One Platform: Interchangeable with FlashX
  • Dual Energy: Detects organic material
  • Wireless: Built in fast wireless: 200m-1500m
  • Fully Robot Integrated: No human approach
Imaging Area: 260 x 320mm (˜10.2×12.6 inch)
Imager Size: 403.5 x 422 x 22mm (h,w,d) – Thin Large Area Imager
15.9 x 16.6×0.86 inch
Imager Weight: 4kg
Image Sensor type: Amorphous Silicon (a-Si) Digital Detector Array (DDA) Flat Panel Imager
Dynamic Range: 14 bit (16,384 Grey levels)
Resolution: 3.97 lp/mm (127 µm pixel pitch)
Effective Pixel Matrix: 2520 x 2040
Case Dimensions 5 hours of battery operation on one charge / unlimited operation on AC 110/220V Charging during AC operation
Optional Accessories Available: WiFi X: Digital Wireless System – connecting laptop to ICU/imager (300m line of sight)
WXR: Wireless X-ray – eliminates cable connection to X-ray
DC/AC Car Inverter: for unlimited power supply from vehicle
Software: East to use, advanced propriety Xbit software for Security operaters


SDS’s BlazeX is a large area imager designed for field use. It is lightweight and thin; easily carried in one case (or a backpack) serving as an operational platform. It is fully battery operated for long periods of time. The BlazeX system charges during operation when connected to an external power source. Operational wireless solutions and full system compatibility with RayzorX and FlashX offers additional flexibility.

Set up is easy with just one cable pushing power and data down the line. Highest quality images are immediately available on the laptop screen for analysis with proprietary image enhancing Xbit software and can easily be stored, queried and shared with the comprehensive database provided. With BlazeX, SDS continues to offer the fastest and safest portable X-ray inspection systems for security operators.

BlazeX Digital Flat Panel Portable X-ray System


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