EBEX 2001 Electronic Stethoscope

EBEX 2001 Electronic StethoscopeThe electronic stethoscope EBEX 2001® C/K was designed for specific operations in the field of Search, IEDD and monitoring of air delivered ordnance during render safe procedures in EOD. It is used to detect, amplify and to select weak impact sound waves, which are beyond audible levels. The contact probe can detect sound travelling through housings or packing material. The non -contact probe detects oscillating objects without interference from airborne noise.

The non-contact search head is mainly used for IEDD and applies a high frequency method to detect oscillation and other signals resulting from receivers and timers.

The device is very easy to operate, as the controls are limited to a rotary ON/OFF switch with gain calibrator and an adjuster for the filters. The controls are placed on the operation fascia of the amplifier box. EBEX 2001® C/K is operated from a 9 Volt block battery (U9VL lithium / PP3 style).


The splash water proof equipment is packed shock proof in a heat reflective transit & storage case and can be supplied as stand alone unit or as ‘two station version’ for operator and remote group, both linked by cable and voice.


  •  Impact sound transducer
  • Contact Cap
  • Non-contact search head
  • Contact pin
  • Headset
  • Coaxial connection cable
  • Battery Chargers
  • Electronic box with controls



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