Ebex 410 Combination Metal Detector

Ebex 410 Combination Metal DetectorEBINGER metal detectors are synonymous with efficiency, reliability and quality in the field of police work and security. To overcome the various search problems this versatile and flexible device has been developed, permitting the use of many combinations for a range of applications. For example, it is possible to use as a hand-held detector with a search coil or cylindrical probe, or as a large-scale detector unit for the use on open ground, in short or long version.

The equipment is easy to operate, sturdy and water resistant. It is suitable for all weather conditions: – rain, snow, frost or heat.

The EBEX 410 indicates on all metals by an audible signal with a high frequency response.

The cylindrical probe permits an almost pinpoint location of very small objects.


The EBEX 410 technical function is based on the very sensitive damping principle. The search head is part of the oscillating circuit, which when brought near metal undergoes a withdrawal of energy. The oscillation amplitude is reduced and then converted into an audible alarm signal.

The unit is operated with one rotary switch controlling the detection threshold and power. The detector automatically adjusts to the prevailing electrical ground conditions. Short control pulses indicate the operational readiness and also monitor the battery voltage.


  • Particularly versatile
  • High detection efficiency
  • Rapid detection and location
  • Simple operation
  • Single button control
  • Automatic adjustment to terrain surface

Ebex 410 Combination Metal Detector


Ebex 410 Combination Metal Detector


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