Ebex 420 DR Wire Locator

Ebex 420 DR Wire Locator KitThe EBEX® 420 DS is a battery operated hand held search device for the detection of wires during Search Operations when command wires leading to remote controlled IED’s have to be located. Due to its capacity to locate short lengths of cable it can also be used to locate wire bound microphones (anti eaves dropping) and is not effected by metal objects of compact shape, grids, mesh or grills in the immediate vicinity. The equipment is lightweight and easy to use, operated by one control knob. It consists of a HALO shaped sensor head, which is adjustable in angle, connected to the carrying handle, which houses the electronic circuitry and battery compartment.

Technical Data

Power Supply: PP3 Battery (Dry Cell) or Re-charge Ni Cad
Operation Time: Dry Cell – 40hr @ + 20C
Ni Cad – 12hr @ + 20C
Temperature range: -25C – + 55C
Search Head 200mm dia
Electronic cylinder 35mm dia x 350mm
Overall length: 640mm
With extension rod 1160mm
Weight: Short version: 0.9kg
Extended version: 1.2kg
Complete in transit case: 4kg


• High sensitivity to wires, including short length.

• Good interference suppression, easy pinpointing.

• Minimal logistics + easy first line maintenance.

• Easy to use and light weight.

Ebex 420 DR Wire Locator


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