Ebex 422 GC Metal Detector

Ebex 422 GC Metal DetectorThe EBEX® 422 GC represents the top of the range version of the 420 series providing enhanced detection sensitivity and extended detection range. It offers a dynamic and a static operation mode to match different working conditions.

The innovative EBINGER PI – technology allows for an audible distinction of the object character and precise pin-pointing of targets. Objects such as an A/P 72a, M14 or SB33 and iron fragments or mortars will cause audio alarms of a different frequency (rising/dropping). This allows a high resolution of the targets even if buried at close distance to each other.

The new sensor shape causes a detection footprint of the search head which is similar to an electromagnetic curtain. This assists to avoid missing minimum amount of metal targets which may be buried at critical depth and with an offset to the search head centre. It also improves productivity as it reduces the usual overlap of the detector head scan zones previously necessary to meet IMAS.



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