Ebex 610C Hand Held

Ebex 610C Hand HeldCloverleaf Hand Held Metal Detector

The Cloverleaf EB610C hand held metal detector operates on the EB damping system. The search head generates an alternating electromagnetic field, which is influenced by metal objects. These changes modify the oscillation amplitude in the detector electronics, which are converted into an audio and visual alarm signal.

Technical Data

Power Supply 9v PP3 dry battery or Re-chargeable
Operation Time Dry battery – approx 35 hours
Rechargeable – 10-15 hours
Charging Time 5-6 hours
Dimensions Length approx 420mm
Search Head approx 170 x 115mm
Handle approx 32mm dia
Weight 275 grams
Temperature Range -20° to + 55° C

The detector does not interact with heart pacemakers, magnetic recording material or hearing aids etc. It meets the industrial standards concerning electromagnetic compatibility. Strong electrical interference from outside is entirely compensated by the detectors dynamic operational mode. Strong detection signal will cause the detector to switch to a static operational mode, which will indicate metal without detector movement.

Ebex 610C Hand Held

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