Ebex 610D & DV Hand Held

Ebex-610D-&-DV-Hand-HeldDigital Hand Held Metal Detector

EBINGER hand-held detectors have become well known in the field of internal security. They have proven their worth and reliability time and time again in tough large-scale operations such as in airports and prisons. Already the EB 607, now a classic, featured leading technology and was copied many times.

Technical Data

Operation time approx. 35 h with 9V PP3 battery, alkaline10 – 15 h with rechargeable NiMH-PP3-battery
Temperature range approx. – 5 °C bis + 50 °C
Setting options (internal) sensitivity/ threshold, tremolo start, audio alarm frequency Volume operation on dry or rechargeable battery
Dimensions search head 170 x 115 mm
weight 280 g
length 420 mm

The new EBEX 610 D wand offers a number of functions which are beneficial to its users. The designation D stands for digital technology, which features:

  • Increased reliability through microcontroller technology
  • Digital functions: Self-test, audio/visual
  • Automatic adjustment
  • Digital, inherently stable signal evaluation
  • Dynamic / static search operation
  • Clear audio alarm; tremolo effect when adjacent metal objects are detected, silent vibration capable
  • Battery monitor
  • Under voltage cut-out when operating on re chargeable batteries


The search characteristics of the hand-held detector EBEX 610 D can be modified within certain limits to suit the given user’s needs.


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