EFIS 5 Telescopic Video Search Camera

EFIS-5-Telescopic-Video-Search-CameraThe EFIS 5 Video Search camera provides several advantages over inspection mirrors, making it easier for users to search difficult to reach areas in ships, vehicles, building and other areas under almost any light condition.  This video based system  completes our line of inspection mirrors and tool by providing users with a versatile viewing and inspection system based on a high quality CCTV system.

The device is in widespread use with police, customs & excise, the military, prison service and commercial security companies.

Technical Data

• Camera – module: CCD-Chip 1/4“ (colour) oder CCD-Chip 1/3“ (black & white)

• Camera – resolution: 500 x 582 Pixel, 330 TV-lines (colour)

• oder 500 x 552 Pixel 400 TV-lines (b&w)

• Lens: F = 2,0 / f = 3,6 mm

• Light sensitivity: 3 Lux (colour) or 0,1 Lux (b&w)

• Auto-Shutter: 1/50 + 1/100000s (colour) or – to 1/10000s (b&w)

• Operation temperature: -10 bis +50°C (Camera) 0 to +40°C (scrn)

• Resolution: 960 x 234 Pixel

• Length: min. 1,25 m, max. 3,00 m

• Power consumption: 750mA / with remote control 1,25 A

• Weight, operational: approx. 3,3 kg

• Battery capacity: dry bat., LR14

• approx. 5h or rechargeable Ni-MH approx. 3,5h

The EFIS 5 is of compact design and simple to operate. It consists mainly of a light weight telescopic arm carrying a remote controlled CCTV camera and a monitor. The telescopic arm can be extended up to 3 m and is protected against involuntary rotation. The camera is remote controlled and available in black & white or in colour version, both equipped with an infrared LED illumination. Power is supplied from 8 disposable 1,5V C-cell batteries or from a rechargeable NiMH battery pack, which can be fast charged within 4-5 hours. The wide adjustment range of the camera and the large extension range of the telescope make the EFIS 5 a versatile tool in everyday inspection work. Due to the illumination, the camera can operate in daylight, at low light conditions and  also at nighttimes. A control knob at the handle of EFIS 5 allows adjusting the cameras‘ viewing direction.



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