ETK Swab Kits

ETK Swab KitsExplosive Test Kit

The Explosive Test Kit is a single use disposable, economical tesy kit for the detection of explosive residues.

In most civilian and commercial situations where a suspect material is found, it is essential to rapidly determine if the situation will lead to an evacuation due to the possibility of explosion.


Explosive Chemical

Detection Limit

A Chlorate e.g. potassium chlorate 7.5µg
A Hydrogen peroxide e.g. TATP / HMTD/MEKP 10µg
B Nitrates e.g. potassium nitrate / ammonium nitrate 1µg
B Nitrates e.g. urea nitrate 5µg
B Nitamines e.g. PETN / RDX 3µg
B Nitroesters e.g. nitroglycerine 1µg
C Nitroaromatics e.g. TNT 10µg

The ETK Strip contains one swab stick and one test strip.

The test strip contains spot test which detect all classes of expolsive including Nitrates, Nitroamines, Nitroesters, poly-nitro aromatics, Chlorates and Hydrogen peroxide.

The ETK Strip is also capable of detecting precursosrs of clandestine explosive manufacture such as materials used in Improvised Explosive Devices both liquid and solid.

The ETK Strip is the most affordable, compact and comprehensive explosive test device in the world.


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