FlashX Digital Flat Panel Portable X-ray System

FlashX Digital Flat Panel Portable X-ray System

SDS’s FlashX portable Digital Radiography (DR) inspection system offers a large area
digital panel that is lightweight, battery operated, truly portable and robust. Highest quality digital x-ray images are available within seconds! With 16 bit dynamic range (65,536 Grey levels), excellent resolution of 3.5 lp/mm and powerful software, FlashX provides you with the highest level of detail in x-ray imaging, ensuring accurate detection.

Imaging Area: 342 x 432mm (-13.5 x 17 inch)
30mm from bottom and side of the detector
Imager Size: 466 x 488 x 25.5mm (h,w,d) – Thin, Robust Large Area Imager
18.3 x 19.2 x 1.0 inch
Imager Weight: 4.8kg
Imager Sensor Type: Amorphous Silicon (a-Si) Digital Detector array (DDA) Flat Panel Imager
Dynamic Range: 16 bit (65,535 grey levels)
Resolution: -3.5 lp/mm (behind 3mm of steel
Power Supply: Up to 5 hours of battery operation/ AC 110/220V for unlimited period of time
Optional Accessiories Available: XR-DE: Dual Energy Module for Organic/Inorganic Detection
WiFi X: Digital Wireless System – connecting laptop to ICU/imager (200m line of sight)
WiFi XLR: Long Range Wireless Option – up to 750ml (line of sight)
Dual WiFi X LR: Long Range Wireless Option – up to 1500m (line of sight)
WXR: Wireless X-ray – eliminates cable connection to X-ray
Extension Cable: up to 200m distance
DC/AC Vehicle Inverter: for unlimited power supply from a vehicle – power down the line
Tripod Mount: compatable with any standard tripod
External Camera: for external color images & video
Software: Advanced proprietary Xbit software for security applications

The FlashX system is available in two packaging options; a ruggedized carrying case or a backpack and can be trekked to any inspection site. Digital Radiography (DR) imagers are the most advance x-ray technology available today!

  • Fastest & Safest: One approach downrange
  • True Flat Panel: Thin robust imager, large area
  • Highly Mobile: Ruggedized case or backpack
  • Highest Image Quality: 16bit dynamic range
  • One Platform: Interchangeable with RayzorX
  • Dual Energy: Detects organic material
  • Wireless: Built in fast wireless: 200m-1500m
  • Fully Robot Integrated: No human approach




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