iPlex Lite Video Endoscope

iPlex Lite Video EndoscopeThe palm-sized IPLEX Ultralite industrial videoscope, weighing just 700 g, delivers high quality images. Its compact, durable body enables inspections in tough and confined areas. A rugged insertion tube offers quick and accurate articulation.

Outstanding Mobility

With its unique ergonomic design, the IPLEX UltraLite videoscope fits in the palm of your hand. Because it is extremely lightweight, it can be used to perform field inspections with the greatest of ease.

The IPLEX UltraLite weighs only 700 g (1.5 lb) with its lithium-ion battery. This easy-to-use videoscope is so small and light that it is the perfect companion for the inspector who works in areas with limited access or in cramped spaces or has to navigate narrow stair cases and steep ladders.


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