LETK Swab Kits -Explosive Detection for Liquids, Creams and Gels

LETK-Swab-KitsLiquid Explosive Test Kit (ECAC Approved)

The liquid Explosive Test Kit is a single use disposable, economical test kit for the detection of explosive residues in liquids, gels and creams.  It is an ECAC approved Liquid Explosives Detection System (LEDS).

In most civilian and commercial aviation situations where a suspect material is identified within a liquid, it is essential to rapidly determine if the situation will lead to an evacuation due to the possibility of explosion.

In extensive trials conducted by the European Commission the LETK achieved 100% detection of liquid threat items with a false alarm rate of less than 1%.

The Liquid Explosive Test Kit simply contains one sterile swab stick and one test card with five tests.


The LETK is not only accurate, it is simple to use.

The liquid Explosive Test Kit is the most affordable, compact and comprehensive liquid explosive test device in the world.

The Liquid Expolsive Test Kit is also capable of detecting precursors of clandestine explosive manufacture such as materials used in improvised liquid expolsive mixtures Tr-Acetone Tri-Peroxide (TAPT), Hexa Methylene Triperoxide Diamine (HMTD) and Methyl Ethyl Ketone Peroxides (MEKP).

For more information on the LETK Liquid Explosive Detection Kits contact the SDS Group.

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