Lightweight EOD Tripod

Lightweight EOD TripodThe SDS EOD Tripod is designed for use as a stable pulley gantry for our range of Hook and Line sets.

It provides the EOD or Search Operator with the ability to lift suspect items directly upwards when no natural pulley point is available.

The Tripod consists of 3 adjustable telescopic legs hinged to a top-plate with a pulley point for a karabiner or pulley. Slippage is prevented by anti-slip foot attachments or optional ground spikes.

EOD Tripod Content:

3 x 2 section telescopic legs with anti-slip feet
3 x locking pins for setting leg height
Hinged top plate with central swivelling eye
Carry and storage bag

Dimensions and Loads:

Total weight 18 kgs
Packed length 1.49m
Maximum extended
height 2.2m
Maximum load of 508kgs




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