Magnex 120 LW Magnetometer

Magnex 120 LW MagnetometerThe Magnex 120 LW is well proven in battle area clearance. It is designed for the detection of ferromagnetic objects on land and underwater. The LW version can also be used in borehole detection. It can be towed by boats or used inside stabilizing pipes. The extent of the detection range depends on the size, position and the magnetic signature of the target as well as on the local search conditions. The maximum resolution is better than one nT. It is not possible to give a defined detection range for magnetometers.

Component Parts

Search Head and connecting cables
Battery rod with dry ‘C’ cell batteries
Loudspeaker Unit
Carry Strap and Transit Case

Technical Data

Power supply – 10 x ‘C’ Cells
Operation time – 150 hrs
Temp range – minus 12 to plus 55C
Assembled weight – approx 5kg




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