RayzorX Digital Flat Panel Portable X-ray System

RayzorX Digital Flat Panel Portable X-ray SystemThe foX-Rayzor sets new standards for a lightweight, thin imager and compact unit. The panel provides superb resolution of over 3.5 lp/mm and excellent dynamic range of 14 bits. Like its bigger brother, the Flat foX-17, the complete system including the X-ray source is housed in just one case/backpack, is fully battery operated providing up to 5 hours on one battery charge, and can be driven with 110/220 AC power or external DC (when using a common inverter). Both wireless X-ray (WLXe) and a digital wireless system (DWS) for wireless transmission of data to and from the panel are available.

This super thin panel allows for placing the imager into the tightest of places, achieving excellent digital images, and providing all the benefits of a near real time system with images upon request.

Also available now is the revolutionary XR-DE Module that allows you to automatically detect organic/inorganic materials using a Golden pulsed X-ray source.

  • Fully Battery Operated
  • Laptop Driven Flat Panel System (No PCI Cards)
  • One single 50m Lightweight Cable on a Removable Reel Connecting between the Flat Panel and Laptop
  • Standard Imaging Area of 9″ x 9″
  • Wireless Operation
  • Can be used with any Golden X-ray Source
  • Backpack system comes with toughened touch screen laptop
  • Super thin imager 13mm
  • Dynamic Range: 14bit (16,384 GL)



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