SDS ELK Non Linear Junction Detector

SDS ELK Non Linear Junction DetectorSophisticated signal processing technique (patent applied for) to reduce false triggering of susceptible devices.

Fully EU Type Approved.

Ergonomic Sweep head for passing over all types of surface combined with extendable carbon-fibre handle.

Sweep Antenna head LED display showing radiated and received signal strength for convenience.

Circularly polarised receiver antennae allow efficient detection of harmonic returns regardless of the orientation of the Sweep Antenna head.

SDS-ELK-Non-Linear-Junction-DetectorTransmitter and receiver operating frequencies are frequency synthesised from a common reference to eliminate tuning drift.

Removable, rechargeable Lithium Ion technology provides high energy density battery packs to ensure maximum continuous operation.

Integral and optional stand alone battery charger ensures that a continuous power source is always available for operation.



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