SDS Mk5 EOD Suit

SDS Mk5 EOD SuitThe SDS Mk 5 EOD suit is a well proven state of the art garment, specifically designed to give the highest level of protection possible whilst still maintaining maximum comfort and flexibility for the user.

The best available ballistic materials are used in various components of the Mk 5 suit and are tested to the full quality assurance standards laid down by the Government Bodies.

All the ballistic inserts are made of waterproof treated Kevlar Enclosed in a water and ultra violet membrane. The suit outer cover is Normex 111 Aramid flame retardant material.

Technical Specification

Outer Cover Nomex 1129 Green 160grams UK 8976 or 1098 Blue 265 grams UK 4592
Velcro UK SC4727B
Webbing BS 3254
Elastic 5cwt WL 50/20 GL
Toggle JLMT 85
Buckle /Hooks T2/SF40/TG
Air Blower 120ltrs per min minimum
Insert Du-Pont Kevlar 49 multi layer
Weights Jacket: 10.0kg
Trousers: 4.6kg
Plates: 5.0kg
Helmet: 4.5kg
Fan Unit: 2.6kg
Carrying Bags: 0.9kg
Level STANAG NATO 2920
Helmet + Visor 680 m/sec
Suit 533 m/sec
Suit + Plate 680 m/sec


Moulded GRP with Kevlar 49
Neck – Guard Multi layer Kevlar 49 with fire-retardant cover
Visor High optical transmission thermoplatic
Harness Webbing and nylon

Jacket and Trousers

Ballistic Inserts Multi layer water – repellent Kevlar 49
Outer Cover Nomex 111
Colour Navy Blue or Military Green

Blast Plate

Moulded from glass reinforced composite
with fire-retardant polymers added

The SDS Mk 5 Suit consists of the following separate items, which collectively make the operational item:

  • Jacket with attached collar
  • Trousers with groin protector
  • Breast plate
  • Groin plate
  • Helmet with removable visor
  • Forced air blower unit with charger
  • Integral Radio earphones and microphone in helmet
  • Suit and helmet carrying bags
  • Transit box



The jacket is long sleeved, side opening design filled with flexible Kevlar armour. It is designed for quick removal with a pull strap attached to the left side of the collar and a toggle strap attached to the shoulder and side. Pulling on the collar strap opens the collar on the left side and at the same time pulling on the toggle strap opens the jacket at the shoulder and at the side. Once open the weight of the jacket causes the jacket to fall from the body.

The breast and groin blast plate are located in pouches at the front of the jacket and held secure with closing straps. Tool pockets are provided at the front and back and radio pouches on the rear side. Ballistic wing pads at the shoulder area covers any gap between the sleeve and body inserts due to arm movement.

All seams are double-seamed and reinforced at stress points, using Nomax III cotton, to provide strength.


The Air Blower Fan unit is attached to the rear lower side of the jacket by means of a Velcro and press-stud fastened panel. The unit consists of a fan with replaceable filters, a separate re-chargeable battery pack and Air Pipe to connect the fan to the helmet. The battery pack will provide up to six hours of continuous use and is easily re-charged using the charger provided.


The trousers have fully adjustable supporting braces and wide velcroed waistband catering for all sizes. The articulated knee area at the front provides free leg movement but still gives maximum protection when squatting or kneeling. Leg sections have backed zipped closure for ease of dressing using durable heavy zippers. Each leg section has four velcro coated clinch straps to provide close fitting to leg shape, but still allowing free movement when walking or kneeling. Overboot cover is an integral part of the trousers and are held in position by Velcroed webbing straps.


The SDS Mk 5 Helmet is designed to completely cover the head, affording protection to the head, face, neck and chin. The helmet is capable of withstanding the ballistic threat of fragmentation travelling at 600m/s, which exceeds the demands of most users. The helmet is lined with a PU foam for comfort, and protection against shock. A three point suspension harness with chin cup holds the helmet securely on the head. The removable Visor is made of high optical transmission thermoplastic with a protection level of 680m/s. The visor is secured within its recess in the helmet by a spring loaded hook on either side. The curved cowl on the top of the helmet houses the inlet pipe for the sir delivery system. This system is designed to direct the air supply down over the face of the visor preventing the visor from fogging-up. The airflow is controlled so that it does not irritate the eyes.


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