SDS Night Pulse Emergency Beacons

SDS-Night-Pulse-Emergency-BeaconsThe SDS Night Pulse are multi-mode, rechargeable LED warning lights; designed for traffic control. Signalling, hazard awareness and vehicle safety, ideal for professional applications, including the Police, Fire and Highway Services.

Supplied as a set of 6, these small but robust units are manufactured in shock resistant plastic housing, are waterproof (up to 10m) and virtually indestructible (withstanding most vehicle weights if crushed). Incorporated magnets allow attachment to vehicles or any metal surfaces.

Operation Mode Run Time
Rotate 9 hours
Quad Flash 9 hours
Single Blink 60 hours
Alternating Blinks 9 hours
SOS Rescue 14 hours
Steady On: High 5 hours
Steady On: Low 35 hours
2 LED Flashlight 9 hours
4 LED Flashlight 6 hours

Ingeniously designed, the SDS Night Pulse is charged within its case, via the integral metal sensors, using either a mains or vehicles power source. The LED charging indicator gives you a sign of the battery status.

  • Rechargeable LED hazard warning lights
  • Available in; AMBER, BLUE, GREEN, RED or INFRARED
  • 9 modes including: flashing, rotating and SOS
  • 16 Coloured LEDs offering 360° illumination and signalling
  • Operating for 5 – 60 hours per charge
  • Shock resistant housing, able to withstand most vehicleweights
  • Waterproof pods can be submerged to a depth of 10m
  • Essential safety equipment for all emergency vehicles
  • Professional alternative to conventional Hi-Vis triangles
  • Installed with a strong magnetic base
  • Charged directly in the storage case
  • Supplied with: storage case, mains and vehicle chargers



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