SDS Under Door Viewing Kit

SDS Under Door Viewing KitInfra Red Under Door Viewing Kit

  • Surveillance Endoscope 1.6mm dia x 600mm length with 30,000 pixel high resolution quartz image fibre
  • Interchangeable prism viewing tip,
  • 0 degree fore-pin hole objective tip , 70 degree field of view
  • Interchangeable prism viewing tip, 30 degree fore-oblique , 70 degree field of view
  • Interchangeable prism viewing tip, 90 degree fore-oblique , 70 degree field of view
  • Infrared Illumination board, 4mm thick, illuminates IR to 5 m
  • C Mount camera adapter for CCD Camera
  • CCD Camera/Monitor kit with 7” LCD monitor and neck strap, video cable and connection leads
  • Rechargeable Battery pack with belt clip and battery charger




Infrared Illumination Board

  • IR bank of LED peak intensity 940nm, band width +/- 25nm
  • 48 LED performance 15 mW/sr each
  • 4mm thickness at narrowest point, 19mm at thickest point



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