Solaris Lite Floodlight

Solaris Lite FloodlightThe Solaris Range is Nightsearcher’s new generation of portable rechargeable lighting systems. The SOLARIS LITE is the most compact and portable floodlight in the Solaris range. Its newly design head, is fitted with 18 LEDs, offers individual optics per LED to maximise light coverage and minimise glare.
The new design case makes this unit easier to transport and can be assembled within seconds, with no hazardous trailing leads or noise pollution to contend with.

The Solaris offers HIGH/LOW/FLASHING options and is designed to pulse every 30 seconds when the battery is running low. It comes with a red “stand by” LED allowing the user to locate the lamp when not in use.

The Solaris Lite can now be supplied with a lithium battery. Lithium-ion is currently the most advanced and lightest battery technology available, widely used in laptops and the latest smart phones. Due to its power to weight ratio, this option further reduces the weight making the Solaris only 5.7kg!

Solaris-Lite-FloodlightThe advanced Lithium technology ensures no battery management is required as it has no memory affect and can be left in a discharged state without issue. This advanced alternative will give added years of service as well as increased portability, making it the most reliable floodlight option.


  • 3000 / 1500 lumens
  • 18 CREE®LEDs – 50,000+ hours life
  • IP65 rated – Robust and weatherproof
  • 360° swivel and 180° tilting head
  • Low heat emission, environmentally friendly and safe operation
  • Can operate on power sources between 10V to 30V



  • Robust ABS plastic with locks, handles and an air compensation valve
  • Able to withstand temperatures ranging from – 40°C to +80°C
  • Storage compartment for chargers and filters
  • Weatherproof



  • Extends from 500mm – 1300mm
  • Quick lock/release system
  • Linkable, for extended height


Battery Power Supply

  • Push button LED battery status indicator
  • Two 12V input/output sockets to allow additional equipment to run from batteries
  • Able to withstand temperatures ranging from 20°C to +60°C
  • Supplied with: Mains charger, extension pole, power source and shoulder strap

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