Trex 150 Active Metal Detector

Trex 150 Active Metal DetectorThe TREX® System (Transmitter Receiver EXplorator) is a newly developed active metal detection system.

It is primarily utilised for the detection of large metal objects such as underground deposits, barrels, or bombs and large UXO.

The special features of the TREX® System consists in its selectivity regarding small metal objects buried close to the surface and – in comparison to active metal detectors – its good detection range on large objects (transmitter effect). Depending on their size shallow buried small objects are either ignored or recognised and displayed as such (absorber effect).

Weight approx.3,1 kg

Technical Data

Power supply Exchangeable rechargeable NiMH battery 12 V, 2.0 Ah
Operating time approx. 4 hours at +20 °C
Number of sensitivity levels 5
Temperature range approx. -10 °C to +40 °C
Dimensions approx. Total 1500 x 420 x 210 mm
Oval coils 420 x 280 mm
Sensor spacing 120 cm

In this way, the TREX® System represents a worthwhile supplement to classic bomb location (passive magnetometer technology).

For conventional operations, there is a galvanometer and an audio alarm device integrated into the electronic box.

Furthermore, the TREX® system has an analogue data output and can therefore also be linked to a data logger to allow a digital mapping.

The TREX® system consists of two spatially separate and coplanar arranged coils. An alternating current of a defined frequency is fed to the transmitter coil and induces a specific voltage into the receiver coil.

Metal components, which come within the range of the sensors, alter this wide-ranging coupling between transmitter and receiver coil. These changes ransformed into a location signal.

The great advantage of this method lies in the selective sensitivity to large metal objects. Small metal parts, such as metal fragments can be ignored by TREX®.

The TREX® System is ready for operation without any further assembly requirements.

The operating elements such as the stepping switch, the compensation-tuning knob and volume adjuster are located at the front side of the electronic box.

Once the desired sensitivity level has been selected, the offset value can be zeroed with the compensation adjuster knob.

The TREX® System can be held directly by the holding bar, by a handle or by the carry-belt. Ground clearance should be 70 to 80 centimetres.



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