Uwex 722 T Underwater Metal Detector

Uwex 722 T Underwater Metal DetectorThe UWEX® 722 C is a highly sensitive metal search instrument for underwater and normal land use. It is pressure tested up to 100 m water depth. Saltwater will not cause any interference to the function of the device. It can be used in short or long version according to the jobs.

The UWEX® 722 C works by means of a pulsed magnetic field which is sent out from the search coil. The magnetic field induces eddy currents in metal targets and causes a secondary response field. The decay of this secondary field depends on the sort of metal and the target size. The response, signal similar to a magnetic echo, is detected by the search coil and transduced into an audio signal.

The UWEX® 722 C detects all metals, also small parts of precious metals. The earphone is pressure waterproof and gives a clear audible signal with large frequency deviation. Therefore it is easy to pinpoint the target. The operation principle suppresses conductivity effects from salt water or difficult ground.

Technical Data

Operating time Dry battery approx. 20 – 25 h at +20 °C
Ni-MH battery 250 mA approx. 6 h at +20 °C
Temperature range approx. -10 to +55 °C
Dimensions Elektronic cylinder approx. 40 mm ø
Standard search coil approx. 200 mm ø
length over all with search coil 200 mm ø approx. 600 mm short
Total length with carrying rod approx. 1.180 mm (extended)
Weight depending on version approx. 1.100 to 1.300 g

The UWEX® 722 C allows the suppression of small-sized objects like nails, scrap and short wires by internal adjusters. The advantage of this is obvious as interfering small parts will not be indicated even very close to the search coil.

The UWEX® 722 C has a very high sensitivity. The limits of detection range naturally depend on the size of the target, its position and material. The typical detection range naturally depend on the size of the target, its position and material in question. The typical detection range for UWEX® 722 C is approx. 3.

Due to a sophisticated electronics this detection range is achieved with minimum power consumption. For power supply a standard dry battery is used. A rechargeable Ni- MH-battery and a plug-in charger are available as optional accessory.



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