UWM 40 underwater metal detector

 UWM 40 underwater metal detector An important aspect of underwater metal detection is being able to tell the difference between large and small objects. The UWM 40 Underwater Metal Detector was developed to give divers. treasure hunters and salvage crews this ability. How does it do it? The UWM-40 generates audio signals that change according to object size, allowing the operator to differentiate between large and small objects. This gives the diver the ability to determine whether they’ve detected a larger object worth recovering or unwanted scrap.

The UWM 40 improves the productivity and effectiveness of underwater searchers.




Benefits of the UWM-40 Underwater Metal Detector includes:

  • High detection range
  • Can be used on land and underwater
  • Detects all metals
  • Audio object-information
  • Suppression of signals from small objects
  • A clear, crisp audio signal that varies according to object size
  • Permits easy locating
  • Corrosion resistant – Can be used in both saltwater and freshwater.

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