VM2500 Under Vehicle Search Mirror

VM2500 Under Vehicle Search MirrorIt consists of a convex wide-angle mirror, mounted on a tough mild steel wheeled base and illuminated by a 12v6 watt fluorescent lamp. The ‘T’ handle which assists in tilting the mirror is telescopic and can be folded for easy carrying. Power is supplied with a rechargeable battery with integral 110/220v charging unit.

BASE: Made on a tough mild steel wheeled base approx 4.15mm (15in) square.

MIRROR: High quality rectangular acrylic mirror 380mm x 340mm (15in x 13.1/2in) providing good all round cover. (NOW AVAILABLE WITH EXRA STRONG POLYCARBONATE MIRROR)

HANDLE: Made in 20mm (3/4in) steel tube fitted with a ‘T’ handle hinged at base and folds across the base when not in use.

VM2500-Under-Vehicle-Search-Mirror2POWER: Built-in rechargeable battery, with Charging Socket on base of unit. Charger standard plug in type with 1m output lead – suitable for 220v supply.

WEIGHT: 8kg – including battery.

LIGHTING: One 12v-6w fluorescent tube in protective housing gives good general illumination.



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