XR150 Portable X-ray Generator

XR150-Portable-X-ray-GeneratorThe XR150 is the smallest in a range of Portable X-Ray Generators used extensively throughout the world by EOD specialists and for Non Destructive Testing.

At only 2kg (approx) it is the ideal X-Ray source for various portable applications such as Helicopter borne EOD teams and on Mini Robotic Vehicles.

Despite its small size this equipment is still capable of penetrating 12mm of steel. The only power required is the custom made battery pack that fully recharges in one hour.

Supplied stand alone or as a complete kit including the Polaroid instant X-Ray film processor.

Technical Specification

Duration: 2500 pulses per charge
Weight: 2kg
Size: 265 x 80 x 100mm
Output: 1.2 milli roentgens per pulse at 30cm Pulse rate: 6 pulses per second
Source size: 2.2mm
Pulse length: 60 nanoseconds
Time delay: 15 or 60 seconds



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