XR3D-4 Static x-rayThe XR3D-4 is an easy to operate, dual energy scanner that provides operators with extremely detailed, more revealing images, enhanced detection capabilities and a very low cost of ownership.

Designed for scanning mail and small parcels, the XR3D-4 is the ideal solution for secured facilities where space is a premium, such as embassies, courthouses, prisons and executive offices.

VOTI’s scanners employ innovative new feature sets to deliver exceptional threat detection capabilities. Through an advanced ergonomic interface, operators can manipulate and enhance scanned images in a variety of ways to better pinpoint and evaluate potential threats. The overall threat detection process is enhanced automatically, by a suite of software guided tools and feature sets, including extended, configurable threat libraries.



  • 3-D perspective dual energy imaging
  • LCD touch screen
  • Multilingual Operator Interface
  • Digital photo of scanned object
  • Auto-archiving (over 70,000 sessions)
  • One-touch instant view of last 5 bags
  • Software driven tube seasoning
  • Network ready
  • Toggled generator voltage control
  • Automatic built in test & self-diagnosis
  • Scanned object counter
  • Archive management module
  • Administration module
  • Secure access key
  • Operator training image library
  • Uninterruptable power supply (UPS)
    • Image Edge Enhancement (IEE)
    • Black & white and inverse video
    • Variable contrast control
    • Digital zoom to 64x, pan and flip
    • Dynamic Pseudo Layering
    • Zeff Color image
    • Organic / inorganic stripping
    • Zeff based calculation
    • Automatic High Density Alert (HDA)
    • HD and VHD enhancement


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