XRS3 Portable X-ray Generator

XRS3 Portable X-ray GeneratorThe XR300 is a 270 KV pulsed X-Ray source for use with real time imaging systems. Battery operation and the light weight makes the XRS-3 a versatile tool that can be used in almost any location.


Size of Unit 35.6 x 19 x 11.5cm
Weight 5.4kg
DC Mode 14.4V DC battery
Battery Life 4,000 Pulses
Recharge Time 1 hour
Pulse rate 50 nanoseconds
Max energy 270 KVP
Pulse range 1-99 pulses
Time delay 15-60 seconds
Warranty 1 year

The XRS-3 is the ideal X-Ray source for EOD/IEDD/search operations where penetration of the target is required. The XRS-3 only produces radiation whilst it is pulsing. The integral shielding minimizes the amount of radiation outside the 40degree X-Ray beam. A time delay button and remote firing cable allow the operator to remain at a safe distance from the unit while it is pulsing. Visual and audible indicators on the unit warn when XRS-3 is pulsing.




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