3-D X-ray Performance at a 2-D Price

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For the same investment as less capable conventional 2D X-ray systems Voti’s new 3-D perspective scanning technology simplifies security screening at your organisation.

Better Images and Increased Functionality at Lower Cost

Voti’s enhanced image making capability, with higher resolution and Sharper Contrast, makes it far easier for your operators to know what they’re looking at so they can make faster and more accurate decisions.

It’s all about the software – Voti’s Xray scanners incorporate new software technologies designed to provide exceptional threat detection capabilities.

Operators can manipulate and enhance scanned images in multiple ways to pinpoint and evaluate potential threats
Configurable threat libraries so you can customize your units to account for particular threats.

Easy to use interface combined with an intuitive touch screen means minimal training is needed before your operators are up and running and at increased efficiency.

For an explanation of what 3D perspective is, view this video:


Where Voti can be used

Voti X-Ray scanners are ideal for any application where enhanced detection is desired or needed.  From scanning mail and small packages to larger baggage, cargo and freight Voti X-Ray scanners are specifically designed to provide you with the clearer, more revealing images you need to excel. Voti X-Ray Scanners are ideal for the following markets –

Border control and Customs – Achieve more effective screening for threats, contraband and narcotics in order to better secure today’s global exchange checkpoints

Key transportation locations – Train stations, airports and Ports – Considered a focal point for global threats, today’s transportation hubs demand an effective and efficient response designed to meet today’s ever evolving threats.

Prisons and Correctional Facilities – Security screening technology that gives correctional officers and personnel a step up in the detection of high threat and illicit materials

High Security Buildings and Facilities – Public and private buildings, government facilities and high traffic environments present demanding security situations.  Voti technology is an ideal way to improve the security and effectiveness of security teams tasked with protecting these locations.

Mail Room Screening – Mail, packages and other correspondence is a vital part of normal business operations. Rapid and effective security screening of this traffic is critical part of business operations. Voti systems are designed to make this task easier and more effective.

For a demonstration or to learn more about how Voti X-Ray systems can enhance and improve your security screening process contact the SDS Group at 0044 1923 221 910 or by email.


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